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omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world


if i ever fail to reblog this, assume that i am dead

i love you so, witch cat and brave kitten

Its back


the cutest part of the whole film


Footage from the Kanye West Wheelchair controversy that the media is going around saying that he is forcing cripples to stand in his shows….

As you can see here it is complete bullshit…and the media is trying to control you just like what Kanye has been trying to tell everyone over the last year.

Please spread this video around tumblr. Lets give Kanye a good name.


clap your hands if you’re bisexual, asexual, or any other sexual and get erased by both the heterosexual and homosexual community


After a little over a year of tumbling, I’ve finally reached 1,000 followers! I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway for a while, but needed a really good reason. Now I have one! I want to say thank you so much to all of my wonderful followers by treating you the best way I know how. 


The Prize: 

One large flat rate USPS Priority Mail box filled with the following fantabulous items (almost everything is pictured above, make sure to click the photos to view them in full):

  • All of the gothy clothing items I can find over two trips to the thrift store in your size (or very close to it).
  • One set of vintage resin miniature Halloween tree ornaments (12 ornaments in set).
  • One set of vintage metal Halloween ornaments (6 ornaments in set)
  • One Vampire Kitties calendar (it’s for 2014, but the pictures are adorable!).
  • One handwritten thank you card from me
  • Various other Halloween/Gothic-themed items to make sure the box is FULL (surprise!).

That’s right, I will be thrifting for you on TWO separate shopping trips! No matter your gender or size, I will shop for you and I will find you amazing gothy things!


The Rules:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older (by entering, you are telling me that you are 18 or older).
  • You must live in the United States (sorry, but as I’m not familiar with international laws, I can’t put myself at risk for liability by opening this up to everyone).
  • You must be following me (I will check!).
  • You must reblog this post to enter. Do not modify this post in any way. Likes do not count, but are welcome! You may reblog multiple times for multiple entries, but please don’t spam your own followers!
  • You must have your ask box open for me to contact you in the event that you do win.
  • You must be willing to provide me a mailing address so that I can send you your winnings!
  • If I do not receive a response from the winner within 24 hours of notification via ask box, the prize will go to the next entrant in line, and so on, until a winner has responded. 
  • Winner will be drawn at random via a random number generator.


This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST on October 15, 2014Winner will be announced October 16th, 2014 via text post and notified via ask box. Prize will be mailed to winner no later than November 15, 2014 (unless some extenuating circumstance occurs, but I will be in touch and provide you a tracking number as soon as it is shipped).